Car diagnostic computer

altModern cars, unlike their predecessors, are equipped with an onboard computer, which help to control the operation of its basic systems and components

Car Trip computer records the failure of systems and controls its work to a certain extent, after which the change in it electronically performance becomes impossible and it is necessary to replace the mechanical components of the car. Therefore, car diagnostic computer has become a very popular service for all owners of new cars in Tashkent.

Driver's Village Auto Service operates in the market of repair and diagnostics of vehicles for more than 5 years. During this time, the company has proved itself the most efficient company, gaining the reputation and respect of customers. Staff of our service center has necessary skills and knowledge in the field of repair modern vehicles of all makes, with the necessary computer equipment and repair equipment.

The diagnostic characteristics of the service station in Driver's Village are:

Work on the computer diagnostics machine is to connect a computer to all electronic control units, and showing on screen all the available data. After diagnostic the faults of all systems are obvious.

Computer diagnostics allows you to:

• To identify the parameters of the engine and change them if necessary, to improve their performance key indicators;

• identify inconsistencies in the sensor, which may block some of the processes and even units;

• check the compliance of the electronic ignition system and injection control of bent shaft (angle of advance supply), which directly affects the quality of mixture formation and combustion of fuel;

• Check the condition of the electrical equipment and the car's suspension.

Engine computer diagnosis methods, the available price can detect all faults and deviations at an early stage, when the relevant conduct of the other methods are not possible.

The use of computer diagnostics will allow you to extend the free operation of the car, as well as, to identify and address all the problems in the beginning of their development, thus, save money for the elimination of a serious accident. Visit our service center! We provide around the clock services! Our Phone number: + (99871) 200-60-70