Car Noise insulation

altNoise insulation in car - this is an important factor of comfort of the vehicle

Head protection from the sounds of the engine and ambient noise from the street, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired in most modern cars. Therefore, such kind of service is of interest to many car owners.

You are maybe one of them? Then encourage you to trust your car to our experts. Noise insulation is carried out by them on the car for a long time, so they know all the features of this procedure and can implement it as efficiently and expeditiously.

Noise insulation in the Driver's Village service station:

Vehicle interior noise insulation in our car service is carried out with the use of special materials based on bitumen resins. At the first stage processing is performed inside of the cabin. The specialists carefully remove the interior trim is treated with its elements (roof, floor, doors, hood, front panel, etc.) and glued them with insulator. Then, the same procedure is carried out with the wheel arches, front flap, trunk lid and rear fenders.

It should also say about such a procedure as the car roof insulation. It provides for attachment of special sealing sheets. This also applies to all plastic interior parts of car.

Your car emits too much noise? Please contact us and our experts will solve this problem quickly and efficiently! We provide around the clock services, visit us! Contact number: + ( 99871) 200-60-70