Engine repair

altSooner or later, each car owner comes across question where to repair the engine with high quality and at a reasonable cost

A variety of car repair services and companies offer similar services in Tashkent, dozens, if not hundreds. However, before entrusting the "heart" of the car to such companies you should make sure about safety, professionalism  and you will not have to pay more than you expected.

Auto service center Driver's Village – this is a team of professionals, who trained to correctly diagnose and fix any issues on your car engine. Our staff will also advise you on any developing problems with your car so future breakdowns can be prevented.

Treat your car with care by visiting our auto service for all your service and repair needs.

If you can hear a strange noise coming from your vehicle, make sure to schedule your appointment right away. Many times we can diagnose and repair an issue before it progresses to something much worse. If you have a particular question for someone in our service center, please contact us using the form to your right.

Our advantages are obvious:

  • universality - engine repair cars and cars of domestic production;

• Individual approach - each particular problem is solved in private;

• Transparency - we provide free initial consultations and measurements;

• a guarantee of quality - a mandatory final inspection;

• Complexity - carry out the selection and component parts;

• Benefits - We offer a discount system for regular customers.

And all this with one purpose - to reduce the cost of services for the client, but not at the expense of quality. A wide range of services, extensive experience, clear terms of cooperation - it all allow you to find as a reliable partner and advisor. Recovery of engine parts with us - it is profitable, reliable and high quality.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Tashkent region, Zangiota district,

Uzgarish K.F.Y., TKAD

tel (+99871) 200-60-70

Fax: (+99871) 230-35-61