Installation of additional equipment

altProfessional installation of additional equipment on vehicles - that's our job

Our service center specializes not only on rendering car repair services, but also sets various additional equipment: auto acoustics, car video monitors, performs the installation of navigation, etc. 

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always provide specific vehicle equipment. If you want to increase the level of comfort and safety of your vehicle or, for example, you need to install navigation or any other supporting systems, the installation of additional equipment for cars and setting of navigation - this is what you need.

Installation of additional equipment in Driver's Village:

Our specialists will install and replace the following additional equipment and car navigation :

• Head units of any type. It is possible to save the style of the car.

• Navigating with the ability to integrate it into a full-time multimedia system. Quality installation of car navigation will help you move more confidently in unfamiliar places.

• Acoustic system. We will select, install and configure the power amplifiers, subwoofers, independently produce additional equipment in the car, such as podiums and deliverable ring.

• Audio - video systems. System providing and failures diagnostics, troubleshooting of any complexity.

• Hands-free Bluetooth. This additional equipment in the car is what need modern business people.

• Monitors: auto accessories such as ceiling, pull monitors in the armrests and the center console, DVD - players and TV - tuners.

• additional equipment for easier parking in urban areas - parking sensors and rear view camera . Installing parking sensors with rear view camera allows you to visually monitor the parking or reversing.

• Installed heated seats. It will ensure a comfortable stay in the car in cold weather.

• Complete or partial noise and vibration car. Increases the acoustic comfort and safety while driving.

Installation of additional equipment for cars, including navigation systems, in Driver's Village will retain the factory warranty of vehicle. We are confident in the quality of services provided, so at the end we can provide you with a full guarantee. Visit our car service center, we provide around the clock services! Contact Phone number: + ( 99871) 200-60-70