Repair and replacement of car windows

altReplacement and repair of windshields in Driver's Village

Auto service Driver's Village offers a full range of services related to car windows: a wide range of car windows, replacement of car windows, cracks and chips repair in car windows.

We always have in stock auto windows for all makes and models of vehicles. Just call + (99871) 200-60-70 and we will find the right model for a few minutes. We use only the latest equipment and the best materials. We guarantee high quality of services and the best prices on the entire range of auto glass, as well as all related services.

In Driver's Village you can order both original and non-original car window. We cooperate directly with manufacturers, which factor help to ensure reasonable prices, high reliability and excellent consumer characteristics. We are also pleased to offer thermal glass with special protection from the heat.

If a crack on the windshield is large enough, the glass must be replaced.

Glass replacement - a complex process, that requires considerable experience and high precision. Our specialists are able to cope with this problem and ensure a great result. Glass inserting is produced using modern tools and supplies. Windshield replacement is performed in our service as soon as possible and without any loss in quality.

It is not always necessary to replace the windshield on the new when you see cracks or chipping on it. In our service center, you can also get detailed advice on all matters relating to the repair of frontal , rear and side windows.

Windshields will not lose strength and transparency after a quality repair. Professional repair will return your glass flawless look, and the injury will be almost unnoticeable.

Modern means of repair will help restore not only aesthetic, but also performance. Excessive stress in repair does not occur, and the glass will last for many years. Please! We provide around the clock services. Our Phone : + ( 99871) 200-60-70