Wheel alignment camber

altOne of the most important parameters of the car's suspension are the angles of the wheels

As a rule, it is necessary to periodically monitor the parameters of the wheels set up by the vehicle manufacturer. Unfortunately, toe or camber checking requires specialized equipment. If there are complaints about the behavior of the car on the road, you first need to visit the service and check the wheel alignment.

Reasons that may cause the collapse of the convergence may have several following situations:

• the car fell into the pit;

• Wear on the steering mechanism;

• Replacement of steering tips or other details, and others.

It is worth noting that for any manipulation of the steering must be carried wheel camber. In addition, many automobile manufactures recommend to make this adjustment every 10 000-15 000 km. This will protect you from premature tire wear, and will ensure the correct behavior of the car on a slippery road.

Drivers should for correct adjustment attend only computer based wheel alignment camber. Using of specialized equipment helps to set the angle with high accuracy, ensuring uniform tire wear and ensures safe driving in all weather conditions. You can always check and adjust wheel alignment camber by visiting specialized service station in Driver's Village.

Our service center has high-precision equipment, that allows quickly and easily display the necessary parameters of the wheels of car. Turning to the auto center Driver's Village you can always count on a professional approach to solving your car’s problems.

After wheel alignment camber in Driver's Village your car will be the most correct when moving.

You will receive the following benefits after proper adjustment:

• road-holding ability will be irreproachable;

• car will be the most maneuverable;

• steering wheel will spin smoothly and easily;

• tire wear will be minimized;

• the noise of the wheels will be reduced;

• fuel consumption returns to normal , etc.

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