Automatic and manual transmission repair

altAutomatic transmission (A/T) repair and manual transmission (M/T) repair - this is the most incomprehensible and mysterious thing to ordinary driver, detail of the car, a kind of  "black box"

In general, manual transmissions are much simpler in design than automatic transmissions and have fewer parts or components that can fail and cause the transmission to not function properly. But many of today's vehicles used complicated automatic transmissions, that consist of not only moving mechanical parts, but it also difficult to diagnose and repair computer modules as well. In fact, many of the problems associated with today's modern automatic transmissions are electrical or computer related.

Most auto services provide services only related to an oil change or filter in the transmission. Complicated work, often, carried out by such services "on the side", and is often offered the only available data services is a repair automatic transmission - "replacement assembly."

Drivers prefer to repair the details of the mechanism instead of replacing them. Our specialist can diagnose problems and their causes, as well as, to find the most efficient way to troubleshoot. For example, in the case of faults in the electronic control unit of A/T, our experts will not offer in advance to replace the whole block, they try to find out the cause and correct the problem. Thus, we reduce your costs, and almost completely eliminate the probability of repeated failure. Because M/T and A/T are a complex unit.

All the technical work carried out by experts of our service alone, without the participation of third-party manufacturing facilities and specialists. Such approach has been made possible only thanks to the unique staff - experts in repairing automatic transmission with enormous experience. They know perfectly all kinds of designs of gearboxes and are familiar with the methods of automatic transmission repair.

We will carry out major repair of a transmission with the warranty. This is almost always the preferred option, that’s why you can be sure about the technical condition of the manual or automatic gearbox of your vehicle. Our employees repair automatic transmission exclusively by own experts, not by using the other stations - we are responsible for refurbished detail.

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