Car chemistry and car cosmetics

It is necessary to each vehicle, regardless of the brand, not only competent maintenance and timely repair, but proper care

Some car owners turn to it in the service centers, while others prefer to care for their vehicles themselves. That's why Driver's Village Auto Service offers its customers not only car service, but also car chemistry, car cosmetics and other effective means to care for cars. We have only quality car chemistry and car cosmetics products from leading manufacturers, and you can choose suitable for your vehicle.

At Driver’s Village you can buy professional auto chemistry and auto cosmetics, which will give luster, durability and longevity for your vehicle and protect it from negative influences. Qualitative chemistry will significantly improve the performance of your car, and to eliminate minor damage. We cooperate with major manufacturers, so we can offer for our clients a set of means, which provide flawless car performance. If you do not know what kind of auto chemistry and auto cosmetics to choose, our consultants will offer you the best choice.

Product for leather and conditioner cleaning № 93746679


High-performance cleaning and protective product. Excellent softens the leather without leaving a shine.

Purpose: Highly protective and cleansing product that can lead to order leather seat upholstery, erase the pollution, restore elasticity. Increases the optical intensity of the color and adds a pleasant softness to the touch. Contains mixture of conditioning and wetting products, has a pleasant smell. Due to its liquid structure, the means to go evenly onto the surface and does not require lengthy polishing.

Sticker cleaner  № 93746673


Concentrate for quick and efficient removal of bitumen, tar, pitch, oil stains, traces of adhesive tape and adhesive stickers, speakers, toning and protective cover-ups, as well as traces of gum. Contains no harsh solvents.

Purpose: Special quickly penetrating composition. Effectively removes bitumen, tar, pitch, asphalt and oil stains, traces of adhesive tape, adhesive traces of labels, stickers, protective films and tint, graffiti and the like, as well as traces of gum marker. It is used to remove the old anti-corrosion and anti-grit coating. Absence of aggressive solvents can be used for removing contaminants from all surfaces (metal, glass, leather, cloth, etc.) without fear of damage.

Vinyl and polish for plastic № 93746666


Protection of plastic, rubber, vinyl.
Cleans, conditions and restores the original color faded surfaces. It provides reliable protection from aging and cracking. Attached to the surface anti-static properties, well-groomed appearance and protection from contamination.

Car glass cleaner № 93746667


A professional cleaner for glasses and mirrors of all kinds. It does not leave stains, streaks, economical in use. It has a high cleaning and polishing effect.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner   № 93746668


The ideal product practically for any vehicle surface, both inside the interior and outside. Easily and quickly cleans the dashboard, vinyl upholstery, plastic parts and rubber, lights, lights, chrome, alloy wheels, paintwork. Removes grease, oil, brake dust, etc. Do not use for cleaning upholstery fabric and velour. Suitable for use in the household.

Liquid wax polish  № 93746669


It has a water-repellent and anti-static effect. And it's not a superfluity. Treat this means the outer surface of the vehicle after the non-contact cleaning and you'll understand - it's not just beautiful, it is advantageous, since the drying time is much shorter. And time, as you know - the money!

When facing forms a thin solid cover-up, which protects the vehicle from rain and prevents damaging substances in the road surface;

It has a water-repellent and anti-static effect;

Refreshing paintwork color, gives it shine;

Gives the surface soil release properties and protects the car from direct contact with the paint layer of environmental factors;

Easy to apply, does not require special equipment.

Shine car shampoo № 93746670


Removes contaminants, including resistant and retains wax layer. Do not damage the paintwork.

• The liquid texture for easy application

• Removes scratches, oxidation, water stains and dirt

• Thin minerals that make up the product, leave a minimum of circular scratches

• Safe for paint, lacquer and enamel

Wheel cleaner   № 93746671


Product is completely non-toxic, will not harm the rubber part of the wheel.

Does not corrode parts of the metals aluminum, zinc, steel, copper and brass.

Well protects metal parts from rust, oxidation.

Cleaner contains no solvents, is non-flammable.

Application: all kinds of wheels (aluminum, magnesium, steel, chrome alloys, light metals, etc.), as well as their metal parts.

Means for wheels Wheel Cleaner cope with the removal of dirt, resin and all types of attacks.

Tire shiner and polisher № 93746672


Leaves a deep brilliant shine on tires, rubber, vinyl and plastic.

Means includes a special silicone that repels water and protects against the damaging effects of rain, wind and sun.

Compared to other means of protection, this concentrated formula leaves a deep luster and shine even long after the damaging effects of the sun and the rain.

Oven and conditioner cleaner  № 93746674


Cleaning agent for air-conditioning system. Kills bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses that cause bad breath, symptoms of hay fever and other allergic reactions in all air conditioning systems.

Clears the entire system in 10 minutes. Deodorize upholstery and rugs, leaving the smell of "new" car.

Water-repellent product for glass № 93746675


Surface treatment of glass and mirrors in order to give the car a water-repellent effect.

Forms a water-repellent long-lasting effect in the rain in 3 seconds.

Double spray! According to tests dual spray causes means more intensively and at a greater distance than the previous-generation spray.

This product can be safely applied even in heavy rain.

Can be processed glass of minivans and large cars.

Car glass antifreeze  № 93746676


Many drivers face a common problem in winter: even after a short downtime windows of the car covered with a layer of frost. Quickly remove the ice crust is not easy. The solution became de-icers for car windows.

Defrosting products for car windows help to get rid of the ice layer. They are fast and effective. Enough to put on a frozen liquid glass and a few seconds to remove the resulting as a result of thawing of ice water in one motion of wiper blades.

Car anti-fog spray  № 93746677


Effective product to prevent condensation on the inner surface of the glass of the car. Avoids the undesirable effect fogging in cold and wet weather.

Car polishing paste № 93746678


It contains a large amount of waxes and silicones, removes oxidation and haze from the body of cars and motorcycles. Leaves a thin protective layer of long-acting, protects against acid rain, smog and sunlight. Guarantees "a brilliant result."

Engine oil additive № 93746680


Many motorists are still arguing about whether to buy a reducing additive in engine oil, whether it is necessary to add a special oil supplements? Resolving of this issue is individually in each case, but international experts, studied the experience of using such technologies have come to the conclusion that the addition of, in particular, micro ceramic additives prolongs several times the life of internal combustion engines, preventing problems such as reduced compression, power, increased fuel and oil consumption, unwanted sound, knocking in the engine. Also, the addition of additives extends the life of the lash, helps acceleration of the wear of piston rings, bearings, chains, valve stem seals and other engine components.

Gasoline additive  № 93746682


Additives for gasoline improve combustion processes, contributes to the preservation of the initial properties of the fuel during storage, transport and use, reduce adverse effects on fuel and equipment arrangements facilitate the use of fuel at low temperatures, etc.

Washing liquid and Wax  № 93746665


Cleaner was specially designed for hygienic cleanliness in the car and at home. The powerful formula neutralizes odors. Stubborn stains upholstery, interior trim removed very efficiently. Included in the special substance cleaner removes persistent smell of cigarettes, animals, and other caustic odors.

Diesel additive  № 93746683


This product is a synthetic multifunctional fuel additive for diesel engines. Product cleans and lubricates the intake valves and injectors, the fuel system protects against corrosion, removes water and improves the cetane number. Thus, due to the action of improving efficiency and engine power, lower fuel consumption, increased resource is reduced toxicity and smoke exhaust.


Cleaner for engine parts


The product is a synthetic multifunctional fuel additive for diesel engines. Product cleans and lubricates the intake valves and injectors, the fuel system protects against corrosion, removes water and improves the cetane number. Thus, due to the action of improving efficiency and engine power, lower fuel consumption, increased resource is reduced toxicity and smoke exhaust.



Where to buy car chemistry and car cosmetics?

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