Car wash and dry cleaning

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On the road, every car consumes a huge amount of dust, residue particles of asphalt, cement, sand, granite, black, petroleum products, synthetic compounds and other harmful substances. It is desirable to get rid of all this as soon as possible, and not on cottage, near the entrance to a residential home or in open water, and we have all of this services in Driver's Village, where such kind of dirt will be removed and neutralized.

What we do during the car wash and dry cleaning of car:

We carefully remove dust, dirt and sand from all places inside of the car. During dry cleaning is handled all interior elements, starting with the internal cargo compartment, ceiling and carpet, door casings and dashboard. Baseless removal of dry dirt makes further procedure meaningless, and your investment of time and money - useless and endless.

Our experts carry out a detailed interior dry cleaning using professional cleaning products used depending on the type of surface to be treated. Dry cleaning with these compounds effectively removes various types of pollution from plastic, leather and fabric details. Returns the natural matt color, rises to pile fabric and carpeting. Through processing, eliminates unpleasant odors in the car. For stubborn dirt, dry cleaning salon is conducted several times, repeatedly treated surface using a special spot cleaner.

After drying, the interior compartment is thoroughly processed by special air-conditioners and polishes. The use of these compounds provides additional protection materials from cracking, drying and fading, increasing the original color of the items. Modern protective equipment allow longer maintain the appearance of the salon in excellent condition. The use of air conditioners and polishes with antistatic effect gives a fresh look to your car, protecting it from dust without imparting excessive shine.

Cleaning the car’s interior takes about 8 hours. Clean, fresh interior of the vehicle makes it much more pleasant to use, in addition, you do not annoy or distract from driving, it has a positive effect on driving safety and your mood.  We provide around the clock services! Contact number: + (99871) 200-60-70