Filling auto air conditioner

altIn Uzbekistan, due to climatic conditions, an auto air conditioner is one of the most important components of each car

You probably do not care who, where and when invented auto air conditioner. Even less you need the knowledge of how it works. You just want to chill and convenience. So, you have got the right place.  If you are faced with a common problem when the air conditioner freon leaked out, feel free to contact us - we will recover the comfort in your car.

In Driver's Village, not just know all about air conditioners - our employees have also all the necessary knowledge and years of experience in the field of auto- filling. For the filling, we use a certified freon: Solcane Italy, Forane France and high-quality oils: Total France, Suniso Belgium.

We do not fill up air conditioners with surrogate chinese gas and do not pour in oil with density of 32, which breaks down the compressor occurring in 90% of service stations. During diagnosing and filling equipment, we use Wigam Italy, Mastercool USA, Inficon Tek-Mate USA.

Providing services are:

Repair of car air conditioner:  if you have a trouble with your car - it's not a tragedy. We will solve such kind of problem;

filling of air conditioner. It will take you about half an hour of work.

Maintenance of air conditioners: if you want to prevent damage to the air conditioner, use it correctly and safely for health, visit us and we will do all the necessary maintenance work, including - antibacterial treatment and conditioning of the interior.

If your car's air conditioner is not doing its job - does not create an atmosphere in the interior of cool evening, just visit our service center! We provide around the clock services. Contact number: + ( 99871) 200-60-70