Mounting and balancing

altThere was a time when the tire mounting works were responsibility of motorist

Fortunately, professional tire fitting services offered by many companies, which equipped with modern high-tech equipment.

In Driver's Village we have unique equipment, there working highly skilled professionals, so we offer the best tire mounting services in Tashkent. So you can always leave our service station on a well balanced tire. In our service center, tire will never get damage and disc will not scratch during installation or removal of the tire, and the time of services will be minimal.

High-quality mounting service in

Driver's Village service center consists of three main components:

  • Professionalism and responsibility of employees - the most important component of the mounting service, since the human factor is fundamental, even using the most modern and professional equipment. Experts of Driver's Village have years of experience with tires (standard, low-profile, RUNFLAT, armored) and disks (chrome, polished, two/three-component).

Quality of mounting equipment. We use equipment by German firm HOFMANN. This brand has long been a symbol of quality and reliability. Innovative technology and unique patents have made the company the absolute leader among manufacturers of tire changer equipment.

• The quality of supplies.

One of the main specialties of our service center is a professional automobile repair of disks - which is why a lot of experience and accuracy during assembly exclude any damage to the lining of your disks.

The waiting time will pass quickly and quietly, as our center has a comfortable waiting area where you can enjoy free tea and coffee, delicious desserts, fresh magazines and comfortable sofas.

Tire service in Driver's Village includes a high-precision computer-wheel balancing, which is made on the balancing machine. Additionally, you can also use the balancing wheel with flange adapters. With this balance of static and dynamic balancing to within 1 gram, which will provide you a quality tire service. Visit our service center! We provide around the clock services! Contact number: + (99871) 200-60-70