Oil change

altToday, oil change service spread all over the place as well as the tire service. But only you can decide who to entrust your car!

There is an opinion that the replacement of oil in the engine - it is a simple procedure, that everyone can do it. However, the oil change technology involves the use of special equipment. We propose to change the oil in Driver's Village authorized service center, because the engine oil protects the motor from various injuries, and on who and how to make this procedure will depend the condition of your car.

During the oil change procedure we will select the appropriate oil for your car, perform intermediate flushing the engine, replace the oil filter, perform engine start after changing the oil, which will provide a slow deterioration of the engine and your safety.

Qualified specialists of Driver's Village will help you choose the oil. Experts consult and advise on the passage of the next inspection, depending on the load on the engine.

ATTENTION! To all our customers, we remind you that for the proper lubrication of the engine it is very important to maintain a sufficient level of oil in the engine! Failure to regularly check the oil level can cause serious engine damage!

So you have decided to entrust the inspection and maintenance of your car to professionals?

Then call to get expert advice and make a preliminary record for service by phone: + (99871) 200-60-70