Running gear repair

altPeriodically, any car requires diagnosis and repair services of running gear

The running gear daily experiencing the huge load. It is the first to take the blows, so is the most vulnerable part of the vehicle.

Inspection of the suspension is recommended every 10-15 thousand km run, and more often in the case of poorly developed road infrastructure.

Any car owner understands that traffic safety depends on the condition of the car's suspension, and only careful attention to the state, the periodic diagnosis and timely repair of the running gear may serve as the key to its long-term performance and driver’s confidence on the road.

In Driver's Village auto service our professionals diagnose running gear according to the all requirements and the recommendations of the manufacturer and authorized dealers. When diagnosing of running gear is conducted a visual and tool inspection of rebound check, bearing part, silentblock, hub bearing. Our specialists have extensive experience working in auto repair, and identify the causes of any knock on the suspension.

The rate of wear of the brake system, transmission shafts, as well as tires, bearing part and hub bearing depend on the state of rebound check, so the timely replacement of rebound check could significantly reduce the cost of repairing the suspension.

It is necessary to change the whole set of axle block when replacing brake pads.

Preliminary treatment and repair of running gear, replacement of the deformed parts could serve your car’s long and trouble-free run!

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