Chevrolet Orlando - a new minivan, designed by General Motors Korea.

Chevrolet Orlando  is a mid-size seven-seater minivan. The car carried on a platform of popular sedan - Chevrolet Cruze. The compact minivan has a vibrant appearance, accentuated roofline and low silhouette, reminiscent of a crossover.

information in figures

  • acceleration time per
    11.8 sec.
  • capacity
    7 pass.
  • motor
    1,8 l.
  • capacity
    90/454/1490 l.
altThe car is equipped with an economical 1.8-liter engine producing 141 hp with an average fuel consumption of 7.9 liters per 100 km and a 6-speed automatic transmission.
It will be primarily interested in couples, pick up a car for all occasions. The model is practical and roomy. The presence of the seven seats in any configuration, demonstrates this. 



The versatility and impressive interior space for the transportation of goods is also impossible to ignore. In addition to the 16 combinations the location of seats in the Chevrolet Orlando there are many branches, which gives additional comfort for the driver and passengers. 


altThe instrument panel is rich in different functionalities. All controls are located in convenient places. 




Models & Prices

Price: 67 200 000


Models UZS MCC Б.Р

Orlando LS (1.8)


Front heating and air conditioning with electronic control.
A five-speed manual transmission.

Orlando LT (1.8)


Front heating and air conditioning with electronic control.
Cruise control circuit (E).
A five-speed manual transmission
Rear parking sensor
Aluminium wheels 16 x 6.5

Orlando LTZ A\T (1.8)


Cruise control circuit (E).
A six-speed automatic transmission.
Rear parking sensor