Chevrolet Cobalt - a family sedan, created by designers of General Motors do Brasil 

The subsidiary of the General Motors, using standard global vehicle development process of GM. The brand-new Cobalt was designed by a global team of GM to become the world standard in its segment and the leader in sales in emerging markets. Chevrolet Cobalt combines comfort, elegance and high dynamics, and the ageless traditional classic design. To provide better car safety, Chevrolet Cobalt, manufactured from high-strength steel, equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system) and airbags for driver and front passenger.

information in figures

  • acceleration time per
    11.7 sec.
  • capacity
    5 pass.
  • motor
    2,2 l.
  • capacity
    545 l.


More comfort for the whole family

Chevrolet Cobalt can boast of an impressive internal dimensions: the second row of seats easily accommodate three adults, because of the increased space for the legs, arms and head.
The dashboard is made in a modern style with a digital display speedometer. In addition, there is a feature for adjusting the intensity of the backlight in Chevrolet Cobalt, which is made in the already has become "icy" blue brand.




Simply spacious

The interior of the Chevrolet Cobalt has a high level of comfort and interior design, which attracts the attention with well-designed details. Comfortable spacious interior, luggage space and a lot of compartments for storing small things will make enjoyable even long trips.


Chevrolet Cobalt is equipped with a gasoline engine of 1.5 liters and 105 hp. Solid fuel consumption - 6.2 liters per 100 km in combined cycle, driving characteristics of car is also better than ever. Chevrolet Cobalt has a 5 speed manual transmission, specially developed for this model, allowing for the best possible result in combination with the engine. A 6 speed automatic transmission is a unique offer in this price band.
Regardless of the distance and travel time, Chevrolet Cobalt will provide plenty of comfort for all passengers in its spacious cabin, that nothing marred the time spent with your family. No matter how long it may journey, Chevrolet Cobalt will make it enjoyable for you and your loved ones.


Models & Prices

Price: 43 244 300


Models UZS MCC Б.Р

Cobalt GS/28


Cobalt GS/16


Cobalt GX/MTB


Cobalt GX/ATB